1. I used object tag for this one. It passes the W3C validation.
    Unfortunately it does not play in Internet Explorer 8.
    If you use IE8 to view this page you will only see a blank square.

alt : Toshihiko Sahashi - Tsuna Awakes.mp3

2. I used "embed" tag for this one. It works well in all the browsers that I tested.
    However, it does not pass the W3C validation.

Music of the above two: Toshihiko Sahashi - Tsuna Awakes.mp3

3. More music:
    You have to click start manually for all the music on this page – except the first one above (that Internet Explorer 8 would not show).

Kitaro   -   Silk Road
Shichu No Michi

Richard Clayderman
Ballade Pour Adeline

Richard Clayderman
Triste Coeur

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